Zurich, 12-15 May 2022


Free registration for admission Brunau and Jumppark and biketest 

<span style="font-family: azo_sanslight, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, " segoe="" ui",="" roboto,="" "helvetica="" neue",="" arial,="" "noto="" sans",="" sans-serif,="" "apple="" color="" emoji",="" "segoe="" ui="" symbol",="" emoji";="" font-size:="" 1.13rem;"="">Registration is required for entry to the Brunau event area and the Jumppark (ZüriDirt Contest) as well as for the bike test in Europaallee and Brunau, and is free of charge. With the registration every visitor receives a ticket with QR code, which can either be saved on the mobile phone or printed out. Please have the ticket ready and show it at the entrance.

The event ticket is free and includes:
- Admission to the Brunau area during the whole CYCLE WEEK
- Admission to the Jumppark during the ZüriDirt Contest on August 7 and 8
- Velotest: Any number of bikes and other products in the Brunau and Europaallee can be tested

When booking a workshop or ride, the event ticket is automatically included.

No ticket or registration is required to visit CYCLE WEEK EXPO in Europaallee. However, it is possible that individual exhibitors will temporarily restrict access to their offerings in order to avoid too large a crowd. Furthermore, depending on the applicable restrictions on persons, it may be possible that you will have to wait a short time before being admitted to the Brunau grounds or the Jumppark.

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