Zurich, May 11-14, 2023


questions of the bike world - let's talk about it

Experts discuss what moves cyclists

At the three CYCLE WEEK Talks, the presenter will discuss the diverse world of cycling live in the studio with practitioners and theorists from sports, research, politics and industry. Covering topics are mobility, mountain biking and the bicycle industry. Live feeds to the outside presenter and his guests on the festival site drive the discussion, turn theory into practice, make the issues tangible and emotional, and challenge the participants. Each talk lasts just under an hour and is broadcast on the CYCLE WEEK channel

Industry Talk


- Bike trends 2022, technical development and demand
- E-bikes, mobility of the future
- political and social importance of the bicycle

- Thomas Binggeli, bicycle entrepreneur and co-owner of Publibike
- Richard Merz, Managing Director Fuchs-Movesa
- Dirk Kurek Komenda, CEO Komenda AG
- Monika Sattler, extreme cyclist and TEDx speaker
Moderation: Peter Röthlisberger and Nick Läderach



- Mountain biking in urban areas: pressure on recreational areas, development, need for action
- MTB mobility: bicycle transport, access to tourist areas, sustainability
- Coexistence MTB and other outdoor activities: Actual situation, problems, solutions
- MTB Guides: Ambassadors of the Mountain Movement


- Thomi Giger, Swiss Sports Publishing / Ride Magazin
- Martin Vincenz, CEO Graubünden Ferien
- Kevin Suhr, Trailnet
- Marc Guggenheim, SBB
- Flurin Dörig, Swiss Cycling Guide



- New mindset in urban centers
- Safety for cyclists
- Infrastructure for cyclists


- Dorothea Schaffner, Professor of Business Psychology, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
- Stefan Siegrist, Director BfU
- Nicola Kugelmeier, Project Manager Traffic Planning Civil Engineering Office City of Zurich
- Wernher Brucks, Head of Road Safety Zurich
- Ralph Echensperger, Zurich, Head of Claims and GL Member

Peter Röthlisberger and Nick Läderach

Mobility Talk

MTB Talk With respect side by side

MTB Talk Sustainable MTB Tourism in the Alpine Region

MTB development in urban areas

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