Zurich, 12-15 May 2022

Gravel Workshop with Bike World and One Cycling

Speeding through the forest on your bike, exploring the countryside on gravel roads, away from traffic and the city? After this workshop you will be perfectly prepared for the Gravel tours.

Are you looking for new adventures? Do you like to move in nature, far away from the traffic? Then gravel biking is probably something for you. Graveling is a lot of fun, especially if you can handle the bike well and are safe and relaxed.

In the 90-minute workshops of one-cycling  and Bike World for beginners or advanced riders, you will learn the basics of riding with the right speed over roots and stones, using the brakes to the right extent and determining the perfect tire pressure. The trained guides of one-cycling  have the experience and know-how, they will give you the necessary tips, help you get the most out of it and offer an unforgettable adventure.

Registration and details

Wednesday, August 4
17 - 18.30 - Mixed, Beginner

Thursday, August 5
18 - 19.30 - Mixed, Beginner

Friday, 6. August
15 - 16.30, Mixed, Advanced

Saturday, August 7
17.30 - 19 h - Mixed, Beginner

Sunday, August 8
13.30 - 3pm - Mixed, Advanced

Meeting place
One Cycling/Bike World Stand in the Brunau

Number of participants
8 Persons

Gravelbike and helmet have to be brought by yourself

From 16 years, Beginner to Intermediate or Advanced

Spaces are limited, best sign up now!

With your ticket you will automatically get access to the Brunau area and the Jumppark. Furthermore you can test as many bikes as you want in the Brunau and Europaallee. If you book more than one workshop or ride, you will receive a separate ticket for each. Please make sure that you always show the same ticket at the entrance of Brunau and Jumppark. If you have any questions or are unable to attend at short notice, please contact us by email at workshop@bikedays.ch. So we can pass on your place. Thank you.

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