Zurich, 12-15 May 2022

Service workshop with Zurich

The difference lies in the detail! In the service workshops you will learn how to adjust your bike perfectly from a professional and how to carry out minor repairs yourself.
Tips from a pro

Almost all technical problems on your bike can be fixed - our Velo-Mech-Professional knows how and shows you the tips and tricks. Zurich Insurance and the Veloklinik are offering various free service workshops at CYCLE WEEK, where you can learn how to repair your bike yourself, change an inner tube or adjust the brakes and gears. The Velo-Mech answers your questions and shows you the tricks directly on the bike, be it basics or advanced details on specific topics.

Registration and details

Wednesday, August 4 to Friday, August 6 daily from 5 - 5.30 p.m.
Saturday, August 7 and Sunday, August 8 daily from 11.30 - 12 a.m. and 4 - 4.30 p.m.

Stand Zurich Insurance at Europaplatz

Number of participants
6 -10 people per course

No equipment necessary.

The workshop is aimed at beginners who want to learn to maintain their bike properly, as well as advanced who already have maintenance skills. In the course can be eingganen on specific questions.

Places are limited, so register now!

The ticket you receive with your registration automatically gives you access to the Brunau area and the Jumppark. You can also test as many bikes as you like in the Brunau and Europaallee. If you book more than one workshop or ride, you will receive a separate ticket for each. Please make sure that you always show the same ticket at the entrance of Brunau and Jumppark. If you have any questions or are unable to attend at short notice, please contact us by e-mail at workshop@bikedays.ch. This way we can pass on your place. Thank you.

Velo Check

Come to the Zurich Insurance stand on Europaplatz with your bike and have it checked out for you!
During the opening hours of the CYCLE WEEK, a professional bike mechanic will be on site to check your bike, make simple repairs and give you some tips for maintenance.

Indoor Cycling 2.0
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Gravel Workshop with Bike World and One Cycling
Speeding through the forest on your bike, exploring the countryside on gravel roads, away from traffic and the city? After this workshop you will be perfectly prepared for the Gravel tours.
Place: Brunau
Tour Planning Workshop with Ride
How do you plan a great bike tour? With these insights from Ride Magazine on tour planning, your next one will definitely be a success. Sign up for the workshop now!
Mountain Gravel
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E-MTB Workshop with Swiss Cycling
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Bag patches with Ortlieb
Free repair of Ortlieb bags and backpacks.
Urban & City
Place: Europaallee
Road Workshop with Bike World and One Cycling
The wind in your face, the landscape passing you by, the feeling of absolute freedom that flows through your body. Road cycling like you want it, right? This workshop will give you that feeling.
Place: Brunau
Mountain bike workshop with Swiss Cycling
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Place: Brunau
Pumptrack Workshop with Swiss Cycling
So you fly through the pumptrack with a lot of flow and momentum.
Place: Brunau
E-Bike Workshop with Zurich
In these riding courses you will learn how to deal with the acceleration and the weight of the e-bike, how to estimate your braking distance correctly and how to use the capacity of your battery optimally.
Safety Urban & City
Place: Europaallee
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