Zurich, May 11-14, 2023

Stromer & Commute = Quality time?

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Mobility is changing: urban commuter traffic faces numerous challenges. Growing traffic, lack of parking, traffic jams, full public transport and more. They cost time, money and nerves. More and more people are thinking about their mobility and are looking for an alternative to the car or public transport for their daily commute to work.

The mobility solution.

Stromer is convinced that commuting can be Quality-Time. The S-Pedelec market leader has been burning for this conviction since 2009. With one goal: to bring a driving experience to the road that is different. Stromer has developed the first speed pedelec with an integrated battery. The first speed pedelec with full connectivity. The first Speed Pedelec with fully integrated design. But above all, a Speed Pedelec that conquers hearts, as well as bringing quality of life and unparalleled riding pleasure. In short: a mobility solution.

A speed pedelec (fast e-bike <45 km/h) from Stromer offers a sensible alternative for getting from A to B through city traffic quickly and dynamically, while at the same time incorporating exercise into everyday life and clearing your head. On average, commuters in Switzerland cover 14 km per way and per day for their commute to work. For distances of 10 to 30 km, a speed pedelec is the most efficient solution for getting to work in a relaxed manner; the powerful rear-wheel motor and the range (up to 180 km) of the integrated battery get commuters to their destination quickly.

The latest Stromer Model 2022 at Cycle Week.

The ST3 with Pinion drive option is an exceptionally dynamic S-pedelec and ideal for everyday use. The customizable seating position and smart extras ensure comfortable and safe mobility in commuter traffic. Thanks to Pinion and Gates Carbon Belt Drive, this bike is extremely low maintenance. The 820W-strong rear wheel motor supports silently and dynamically up to 45 km/h, the 814 Wh battery also allows up to 150 km autonomy. Connected via mobile network and free app, this bike's connectivity features GPS tracking, Smartlock theft function, custom sensor and motor settings, ride statistics and more. Also available with ABS option and with different stem and handlebar options.

Safe on the road.

Stromers have power. At the same time the perfect control. They are made for road and city traffic - terrain where balance, braking power, grip and visibility are vital. Components such as powerful 2- and 4-piston brakes, bright front, rear, brake and daytime running lights, high-quality tires with puncture protection and wet grip and optional, fully integrated ABS enhance riding safety. The effectiveness of ABS on speed pedelecs was confirmed in your BFU study.

Stromer Bike free test ride.

Discover all models from Stromer at Cycle Week; experience the benefits of commuting by S-pedelec, the dynamic handling, the fun of riding and the advantages of a Stromer on the streets of Zurich.

Configure your personal dream Stromer.

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