Zurich, May 11-14, 2023


Enjoying the great atmosphere of Europaallee with thousands of people
Lifestyle bike

The experience mile at the main station is at the same time a big restaurant with a huge food offer and a meeting point for everyone at the CYCLE WEEK Bar, the Bike Kingdom Bar, the Gull Bar and the Stadt Café. If you like, you can watch the BMX shows to the soundtrack of unplugged street artists and enjoy the easy-going atmosphere of Europaallee. Visitors get actively involved and exchange ideas with people who share the same passion - to bikes, live music and street food.



Hong is a hungry man. He has an appetite for life, and he's eaten his way through some pretty tasty parts of the menu. Hong doesn't nibble at fate, he opens his jaws and takes a real bite. No blowing, no slurping, no crumbs. He'll tell you about the luscious bittersweetness he's been chomping on, and soon you'll start drooling yourself. You'll sit there with folded hands and wide eyes, and the sheer magnificence of his tales will stir your guts. You'll want to hear another story, feel the tension they put you in, and run across those ropes.


The Winterthur indie artist Asendorf packs his own view on life authentically and soulfully into his music. He makes himself approachable and manages to show rough edges without losing lightness and entertainment value.
His expressive voice and the haunting sound reflect the freedom-loving and profound character of the musician. He experiments with different styles, but never loses the common thread that provides recognition value.

Ginger and The Alchemists (Solo)

Like a breath of fresh air, the unfiltered emotional honesty of "Ginger And The Alchemists" sets a contrast to a world striving for unattainable perfection. Beautifully melancholic and open, the way the sky must feel after a storm, Ginger's fragile yet powerful voice speaks directly from her life.

The songs, marked by polyphony, unfold through the synthesis of vintage sounds, electronic gimmicks and acoustic instruments. The soft, spacey sound is the perfect breeding ground for songs with personality and allows the Winterthur band to dream big and internationally.

Pascal Gamboni

Born in the mountains of the canton of Grisons, Gamboni discovered music in general and the guitar in particular at the tender age of eleven. As a teenager, he attended music school in Austria and soon joined the obligatory rock band. The band tried its luck in the UK and was signed by a record company surprisingly quickly. Based first in Bristol and later in London, Gamboni stayed in the UK for a full decade before returning to Switzerland to live in Bern. He immersed himself in his mother tongue again and released several records, singing more and more often in Rumantsch. It does not matter that only the other 59'999 people who speak the language immediately understand the lyrics. What matters much more is the spirit that comes through in the music.


A concert harp is usually seen on classical music stages. But the fact that the instrument can be used quite differently, shows the duo IN!T of Zurich. The harpist Noemi von Felten and the guitarist and singer Janosz Prelicz let two worlds collide in their music. In!t has learned to realize itself without compromise. The harp dives into new spheres of sound through an arsenal of effect pedals and is combined without restraint with the typical pop and rock sounds of guitar and vocals.

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