Zurich, May 23-26, 2024

Women's Bikepacking Overnighter by komoot

GravELLE club Gravel Ride and Bikepacking Overnighter by and for women

GravELLE club Women's Bikepacking Overnighter powered by komoot

gravELLE club - a community of women, which is primarily about shared rides, adventures on and off the bike and the exchange - takes you on a Bikepacking Overnighter. On Saturday at 6pm we start from Zurich to Lake Baldegg (mainly offroad, about 40 - 50 km with 800 - 1000 vertical meters), where we make ourselves comfortable on a private Nomady campground (toilet & shower are available) and spend the night in the tent. Shortly before the finish there is the possibility of a detour to the lakeside resort of Baldegg, where we could also eat dinner, and to the Coop gas station, where we can stock up for dinner (if not taken in the lakeside resort) and breakfast. On Sunday we'll take a detour back to Zurich (again mainly offroad, about 40-50 km with 800 - 1000 vertical meters), where we should arrive at the Brunau area in the early afternoon. At the ride is waiting for all and it is not about speed, competition and rankings, but about the community and togetherness.


Saturday, May 13, 2023 from 6 pm to Sunday, May 14 approx. 2pm

Meeting point

CYCLE WEEK CAMPUS Brunau - 100% Women Cycling by Switzerland Tourism, Booth B33


Max. 15 people

For women, pace: Moderate (Social ride pace: Everyone will be waited on), basic fitness and experience with riding on gravel roads assumed

Before the Orvernighter, Sara the leader, will email you with detailed info.

  • Gravelbike, MTB or road bike with a tire width of min. 35 mm
  • replacement-tube
  • GPS device with route (optionalCatering for both trips as well as dinner and breakfast (can also be purchased on the road at a gas station)
  • Bikepacking bags (if you don't have your own, there is a limited possibility to borrow Ortlieb bags)


The ticket costs 30 francs and is also valid as an entry to the Cycle Week Campus as well as for accommodation. Food is not included. The ticket cannot be refunded or exchanged. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants, the organizers disclaim any liability.
Please contact workshop@cycleweek.ch for questions or short notice cancellation.

Sara organizes with the gravELLE club in the Bern area in partnership with komoot gravel rides and bikepacking adventures for women and from time to time also for mixed groups (+FRIENDS). With this it wants to create space for riders who on the one hand do not yet have so much experience with gravel and bikepacking and riders who on the other hand may already be very experienced, but from time to time want to be on the road with women only

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