Zurich, May 11-14, 2023

Safety Parcours

Saddle up for city traffic? Test your bike skills on the safety course.

Test and improve your driving skills in traffic! On a closed road right next to Europaallee you will experience critical traffic situations in physical and virtual simulations and learn how to behave safely and not endanger anyone.

Lot 1: In the blind spot

At this post, you'll drive a truck through the city on the new driving simulator and have to watch out for people on foot and on bikes.

Item 2: City traffic virtual

With the virtual reality goggles you experience critical situations on Zurich's streets one-to-one, but without any danger - instructive even if you are at home in another Swiss city.

Lot 3: City bike simulator

Coming up short while passing a truck? A car door opening? In a roundabout? Practice these and other situations with the unique interactive bike riding simulator - so you're sure to be fine next time!

Post 4: Crossing the tracks correctly

The terror of all cyclists in the city: streetcar tracks! Learn how to cross them without risk at an angle over 30 degrees.

Lot 5: Visible in the dark

To be seen is crucial in road traffic. This post is about lights, reflectors and appropriate clothing.

Item 6: ABS for e-bikes

It's here: the anti-lock braking system for e-bikes. Test the novel braking performance and experience at the BFU booth how the ABS helps you to brake safely in different situations.

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Brain researcher versus biker in the bike quiz. Who will get the most points?
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In these riding courses you will learn how to deal with the acceleration and the weight of the e-bike, how to estimate your braking distance correctly and how to use the capacity of your battery optimally.
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