Zurich, May 23-26, 2024

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Stunning film of Cycle Week from Swiss film producer Sven Wedekind

Highlights Cycle Week 2023

BMX Flatland takes on breakdancing

Highlights of the ZüriDirt Contest 2023

A bike for over 100 children

Sicher unterwegs in der Stadt mit Velo

Olympic champion at the CYCLE WEEK

The countdown to the 2024 World Cycling Championship begins at Cycle Week

Pedaling for the environment

CYCLE WEEK 23: Das sagen die Aussteller

Spectacle on two wheels: BMX Flatland Contest

Custom frame building: Daily - not everyday

Test and try out

Velo in urban times - curse or blessing?

Review Cycle Week 2022

Premiere: first FMB Solpestyle women's contest

Bike Lovers Contest 22 - Performance and Exitement

Beat Feuz tests his new bike

Bicycle experience for the whole family

Harp meets BMX Flatland

Stamping for trees

Which MTB is right for me?

ZüriDirt 2022 - the highlights

What challenges characterize mountain bike tourism?

What shapes the bicycle industry in times of bike boom?

Bikepacking - this must be in the luggage

Live: Bruno Risi and Marco Büchel pedal for trees

Live: BMX Flatland Final

Live: Züri Dirt finale with premiere

Zurich Bike Challenge - Nino Niederreiter, NHL hockey player, competes against Arielle Käslin, ex-gymnast, in a duel
Cycle Week broadcast ZüriDirt Contest: complete broadcast Sunday, August 8, 2021

Zurich Bike Challenge - 5th Challenge More Bite

ZüriDirt Contest Final 2021

Kiddies Cycle Week 2021

An exhibitor's day at Cycle Week 2021

Zurich Bike Challenge - 4th Bike Quiz

Urban Cyclocross 2021

Cycle Week broadcast Urban Cyclocross: complete broadcast Saturday, August 7, 2021

Ramon Zenhäsuern and Marcel Kittel in a talk

Zurich Bike Challenge - 3rd tube change

Cycle Hero by Shimano - Who has the fastest two on MTB, Gravel and Road?

Roadcycling product highlights

Gravelbike product highlights

MTB product highlights

Bike Lovers Contest - expect the unecpected

Sandra Schmied: the Swiss and European champion bicycle mechanic about her profession

Pat Burgener at the CYCLE WEEK

Cycle Week Channel Cycle Hero: complete broadcast Friday, August 6, 2021

Zurich Bike Challenge - 2nd Challenge Pumptrack

Mobility Talk

Cycle Week broadcast Urban Mobility: complete broadcast Thursday , August 5, 2021

Zurich Bike Challenge - 1st Challenge ABS

MTB Talk With respect side by side

Mountain Bike Products Day 1/2

Mountainbike Produkte Tag 1/3

Mountainbike Produkte Tag 1/4

MTB Talk Sustainable MTB Tourism in the Alpine Region

Cycle Week Channel MTB: complete broadcast Wednesday, August 4, 2021

MTB development in urban areas

Trailer CYCLE WEEK 2022

Safety first: Bike with ABS and airbag in the test


Live Stream ZüriDirt Final 2023

Live Stream BMX Flatland Final 2023

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