Zurich, May 11-14, 2023

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Photo gallery

Review Cycle Week 2022

Premiere: first FMB Solpestyle women's contest

Bike Lovers Contest 22 - Performance and Exitement

Beat Feuz tests his new bike

Bicycle experience for the whole family

Harp meets BMX Flatland

Stamping for trees

Which MTB is right for me?

ZüriDirt 2022 - the highlights

What challenges characterize mountain bike tourism?

What shapes the bicycle industry in times of bike boom?

Bikepacking - this must be in the luggage

Live: Bruno Risi and Marco Büchel pedal for trees

Live: BMX Flatland Final

Live: Züri Dirt finale with premiere

Zurich Bike Challenge - Nino Niederreiter, NHL hockey player, competes against Arielle Käslin, ex-gymnast, in a duel
Cycle Week broadcast ZüriDirt Contest: complete broadcast Sunday, August 8, 2021

Zurich Bike Challenge - 5th Challenge More Bite

ZüriDirt Contest Final 2021

Kiddies Cycle Week 2021

An exhibitor's day at Cycle Week 2021

Zurich Bike Challenge - 4th Bike Quiz

Urban Cyclocross 2021

Cycle Week broadcast Urban Cyclocross: complete broadcast Saturday, August 7, 2021

Ramon Zenhäsuern and Marcel Kittel in a talk

Zurich Bike Challenge - 3rd tube change

Cycle Hero by Shimano - Who has the fastest two on MTB, Gravel and Road?

Roadcycling product highlights

Gravelbike product highlights

MTB product highlights

Bike Lovers Contest - expect the unecpected

Sandra Schmied: the Swiss and European champion bicycle mechanic about her profession

Pat Burgener at the CYCLE WEEK

Cycle Week Channel Cycle Hero: complete broadcast Friday, August 6, 2021

Zurich Bike Challenge - 2nd Challenge Pumptrack

Mobility Talk

Cycle Week broadcast Urban Mobility: complete broadcast Thursday , August 5, 2021

Zurich Bike Challenge - 1st Challenge ABS

MTB Talk With respect side by side

Mountain Bike Products Day 1/2

Mountainbike Produkte Tag 1/3

Mountainbike Produkte Tag 1/4

MTB Talk Sustainable MTB Tourism in the Alpine Region

Cycle Week Channel MTB: complete broadcast Wednesday, August 4, 2021

MTB development in urban areas

Trailer CYCLE WEEK 2022

Safety first: Bike with ABS and airbag in the test


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