Zurich, 4-8 August 2021


CYCLE WEEK - the biggest bicycle festival in Switzerland

From August 4 - 8, Zurich is under the sign of the bike. The Urban Bike Festival and the Bike Days unite to form the CYCLE WEEK, the largest bicycle festival in Switzerland - decentralized, live, online and corona-compliant. The CYCLE WEEK focuses on bike culture for sport, leisure and mobility. In the Europaallee, there will be a big expo, city and cargo bikes with and without motor will be ready for you to test or you can put yourself to the test in the safety course. The Brunau, where city and nature meet, is the ideal place to experience the fascination of bicycles and to test everything that has two wheels and pedals: from full-suspension mountain bikes to spartan gravel bikes, from smart e-bikes to practical cargo bikes and from children's bikes to racing bikes. In the Europaallee and in the Brunau, exhibitors will present the latest products, trips, offers and everything else that moves the world of cycling. The program also includes the CYCLE WEEK CHANNEL with talks, presentations and contributions, as well as workshops, rides and contests. Finally we can meet again, exchange ideas and celebrate the bike!


Zurich Insurance becomes presenting sponsor
We are proud to present and announce our new visual: Zurich Insurance is the new presenting sponsor of CYCLE WEEK!
Place: Europaallee
Talent scouting
Place: Brunau
Workshops with Swiss Cyling Guides
Would you like to try out mountain biking for the first time or get helpful tips on riding technique? The experienced Swiss Cycling Guides will introduce you to the different types of biking in exciting workshops. You will also get an interesting insight into the everyday life of the bike guides.
Photo: Angelo Brack
Bike Lovers Contest
Place: Europaallee
Kids Race
Place: Brunau
Mountain Bike Talk
The summer of 2020 was the most successful since mountain bikes have existed as a leisure product and tourist offer. But the triumphal procession began long before that. With it, conflicts on trails increased and the environmental compatibility of this actually gentle sport was questioned. What does sustainable mountain bike tourism look like? How do hikers and mountain bikers find their space? SRF presenter Stefan Flury looks for solutions with experts from different camps.
Mobility Talk
The bicycle relieves cities and agglomerations. It takes up little space and causes neither noise nor CO2. But cycling in urban traffic is still dangerous and discourages many. What does it take to make cycling the mode of transport of choice for children and senior citizens, the inexperienced and commuters? How do infrastructures and rules need to be changed so that cycling can fulfil its potential and improve the quality of life in cities? Journalist Peter Röthlisberger welcomes experts and stakeholders to the Mobility Forum.
Mountain Safety
Safety Parcours
Place: Europaallee
Road Cycling Rides
Do you like fast asphalt and crisp mountain passes? Zurich and its immediate surroundings offer everything and more. The racing bike guides not only know every metre of altitude, but also the roads with little traffic and even have surprises in store for locals.

Women only
#fastandfemale from Swiss Cycling wants to get more women excited about cycling and offer them a protected setting to challenge themselves, network and train together. At the CYCLE WEEK there will therefore be Women only Road Rides.

Photo: buchlifotografie
Place: Brunau
Gravel Rides
If you like it when it crackles under your tyres, the Gravel Social Rides are just right for you. Starting from the Allmend Brunau, there is a loop for every fitness level and time budget that offers everything to please the graveler's heart.

Women only
#fastandfemale from Swiss Cycling wants to get more women excited about cycling and offer them a protected setting to challenge themselves, network and train together. At the CYCLE WEEK there will therefore be Womens only Road Rides.
Place: Brunau
Mountainbike Trail Rides
The Uetliberg has just been enriched with two new trails, where beginners and pros alike can have fun. Are you new to biking? Then the ZüriTrail guides will show you how to roll smoothly down the Antennen Trail. Do you already have a good grip on your bike? Then the new Höckler trail is the right place for you, where the Züritrails mentors will introduce you to dynamic approach riding, jumping and other manoeuvres.

Photo: Hansueli Spitznagel
Place: Brunau
ZüriDirt Contest
Place: Brunau, Züritrails Jump Park
Urban Cyclocross
Place: Viadukt
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