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We would be very happy about a hint, an interview, a story in the run-up to the CYCLE WEEK, which takes place between Europaallee, Lager- and Kasernenstrasse and in the Brunau. You can find a selection of pictures for free use under copyright here. We are happy to arrange interviews with our Velo celebrities and help with advice, action and information. You can get accredited for a visit or order material of the live production at the media office. Live updates during the event can be found on our on social media channels.

Contact and accreditation

Peter Röthlisberger is our media officer. He will be happy to arrange interviews with our Velo celebrities and help further with advice, action, information or picture and video material of our live produtkions on site. Please accredit your visit to CYCLE WEEK with him via Mail.

0041 79 617 01 11

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Media Release 2023

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Media releases 2023

Final media release Cycle Week 2023: 2'000 participants at the Velo Uni, 80'000 visitors
CYCLE WEEK, the major event of Velo-Switzerland, came to a happy end this evening. From May 11 to 14, 80,000 visitors and passers-by met at the country's largest participatory bicycle festival and experienced the whole world of bicycles in the Europaallee and in the Brunau. Despite the changeable spring weather, the organizers and exhibitors drew a positive balance.
Media Release Cycle Week 2023: Right in the middle and actively involved
The CYCLE WEEK is the major event of Velo-Switzerland. It encourages cycling, shows new things, imparts knowledge and brings people together. From May 11 to 14, 2023, cycling fans and professionals, the industry and tourism will meet in the heart of Zurich for the country's largest participatory cycling festival.

Media releases 2022

National Velo Festival exceeds all expectations
The CYCLE WEEK was a great success. From May 12 to 15, 2022, 75,000 visitors, cyclists, athletes and fans, the cycling and tourism industry and politicians met in the heart of Zurich for the country's largest cycling festival in gorgeous early summer weather.
CYCLE WEEK 2022 - Big appearance for national bicycle festival
CYCLE WEEK is the epicentre of cycling in Switzerland. From 12 to 15 May 2022, cyclists, athletes and their fans, the cycling and tourism industry as well as politicians will meet in the heart of Zurich for the country’s largest bicycle festival.
Bike Days and Urban Bike Festival unite for CYCLE WEEK
CYCLE WEEK becomes the new national bike festival - and will take place in Zurich from May 12 to 15, 2022. The Bike Days and the Urban Bike Festival combine to form CYCLE WEEK, the festival to kick off the cycling season that covers all facets of cycling.

Media releases 2021

Despite everything a successful start of the new Cycle Week
CYCLE WEEK has opened the bike week in Zurich
13.07.21 - CYCLE WEEK makes Zurich a Swiss cycling mecca
at www.cycleweek.ch.
27.07.2021 - Zurich becomes a spectacular cycling city for five days
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