Zurich, May 23-26, 2024

Custom frame building workshop

Custom frame building. This workshop is about measurement, geometry and materials for custom bikes.
Custom frame building

Individual frame building

Individualism is booming - no bike should look like the other. If you go beyond parts selection and painting, you quickly end up in the small but very active frame builder scene, where handmade one-offs are custom-fitted to the future owner.

But what are the advantages of such a custom frame? What options are there and what is measured at all and then implemented in the frame geometry? Experienced frame builders will introduce you to the art of body measurement, the implementation in a custom frame, effects of various geometry changes and manufacturing processes of individual bike frames. Various aspects are highlighted, from established technologies such as lugged steel frames to the complex production of carbon frames:

- Why custom frame building? With Patrick Dreier - dreiercycles.com
- Measuring in and the way to the "frame plan" (CAD). With Wim Kolb - kolb-rahmenbau.ch
- Frame building materials and the technology of joining. With Stefan Süess - sueessframeworks.com

The introduction and summary will be supervised by Röbi Stolz and the team from Bike Lovers Contest.

Saturday, May 13, 2023 from 1:30 pm - 3 pm
Sunday, May 14, 2023 from 11.30 - 1 pm
The workshop consists of three parts of 30 minutes

Meeting point

27 people, divided into 3 groups.

Suitable for all, no previous experience necessary.

Ticket is non-refundable or exchangeable. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants, the organizers disclaim any liability.

Please contact workshop@cycleweek.ch

for questions or short notice cancellation.


Please register in advance, the number of places is limited. The participation costs 10 francs. The ticket cannot be refunded or exchanged.

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