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Free repair of Ortlieb bags and backpacks

Urban & City Equipment

You want to have your old ORTLIEB bag made fit again? Come to the ORTLIEB stand at CYCLE WEEK and bring us your bag or backpack. We will breathe new life into your bag.

Discovery, travel, cycling, being outdoors - that's where it all started. And that's still what it's all about today...

Adventure and responsibly discovering nature is what everything at ORTLIEB is about. It is the unforgettable moments we experience on bike trips or trekking tours that spur us on every day to create the best and most durable products for the outdoor enthusiast. Of course 100% waterproof, always on the lookout for the next innovation for your adventure!

This was also the drive of Hartmut Ortlieb in the early 80s, to go on trips himself, to explore the world and of course to have the best equipment for it. And that is still what drives us today to produce waterproof and patented bags and backpacks that make all this possible, regardless of the weather. Whether for the bike trip or the way to work.

In the meantime we have 40 years of experience with the topic of waterproof. Not only the manufacturing technology is special at ORTLIEB, a large number of patents are filed every year, the ideas never run out. The roll closure, with which countless fashionable bags and backpacks are equipped today, also originates from ORTLIEB. The legal disputes up to the Federal Court of Justice against Amazon, a snapshot. The development of the ORTLIEB brand, for many a matter of the heart. Uniqueness is certainly also shown in the most diverse facets, which many of the long-standing employees take for granted. "Made in Germany", that is what ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH is known for, but what is really behind it and in what depth this is understood at ORTLIEB, is not a banality.

Our roots and our future in one place - Made in Germany.
No matter what language: Around the world, ORTLIEB is understood as the honest promise of waterproof, durable outdoor equipment. Our bags travel the globe, but when it comes to their development and manufacture, we deliberately opt for short distances. All waterproof products are manufactured at our factory in Heilsbronn, Franconia, because "Made in Germany" is our brand promise for high quality, regional jobs, environmentally friendly production, respectful cooperation and high innovation. 90% of all processes are located "in-house" at ORTLIEB, from design to construction, mechanical engineers, marketing and product management to sales. This allows us to constantly optimize processes and guarantee that every step is as environmentally friendly as possible.

But what is it always about? You guys! Keep dry what you love!

5 years warranty
ORTLIEB products have the reputation of being indestructible. This longevity is very important for the sustainability rating of products. On material and workmanship we give a warranty of 5 years, so far beyond the legally required warranty. Through the very long durability of ORTLIEB products, we enable our customers to effectively save resources.

Repairability is also a fundamental sustainability indicator for products. If a defect does occur or an individual part wears out, the components are designed so that they can be repaired without difficulty. Defective parts can be easily replaced, holes patched, connectors replaced and webbing renewed. For this purpose, we have our own in-house repair department, where ORTLIEB products are made fit again for intensive, demanding use. Older products can be upgraded to the latest technology there. We also stock spare parts for articles from older collections for at least another ten years.

You want to have your old ORTLIEB bag made fit again?
Come to the ORTLIEB booth at CYCLE WEEK and bring us your bag or backpack. We breathe new life into your bag - free of charge.

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