Zurich, May 23-26, 2024

Tour planning - workshop with Komoot

Whether on a road bike, gravel bike or mountain bike, a nice route is usually a prerequisite for a good time on the bike. But what is the best way to find and create one?

Tour planning - Workshop with Komoot
For millions of people, komoot is the key to outdoor experiences. From intrepid outdoor adventurers and family hikers to beginners who have just bought their first racing bike - the technology enables everyone to find, plan and experience suitable outdoor adventures.

Please bring your cell phone to the workshop and create a free komoot account before the workshop.

language Germanh

Meeting point
CYCLE WEEK CAMPUS - Brunau: Focus Water Lounge, Stand B01


Max. 20 people

Suitable for everyone, no prior knowledge required. Take your cell phone with you and create a free komoot account beforehand so that you can try it out and plan routes yourself.

The ticket costs 15 francs (inkl. 2.6% MwSt). The ticket is personalized and cannot be exchanged or refunded. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants, the organizers decline any liability.

Please contact workshop@cycleweek.ch if you have any questions or have to cancel at short notice.

Sara and Andreas - Project Pedal Further

Sara and Andreas explore together as Project Pedal Further near & far, known & unknown destinations preferably by bike. To drag along thereby everything, which one needs for it in such a way, does not bother them anything: They have found out that it does quite well to limit themselves to the most necessary and that one does not need on the way so much. It's only logical that they reach their limits and clash from time to time. But they are still on the road together and are already planning a longer bikepacking adventure to Central Asia. You can also find their tour reports and routes on their komoot profile

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Overcoming mental blocks on the bike - workshop
"I could, but there's something stopping me from trying. I hope the group isn't too fast. I can't do anything in my legs today." Do you know such thoughts? Then this workshop with sports psychologist Sonja Nüssli is the right place for you.
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